Dierdra McElroy

professional quilt artist

Tour to Tahiti

The Art of Tahitian Applique

The islands of French Polynesia have long been recognized as a veritable paradise on Earth.  Although there are over 100 islands scattered over 965,000 square miles of the south pacific ocean, most people are only familiar with Tahiti and Bora Bora.  The Tahitian people and their islands have some unique cultural and geographical elements that set them apart from the rest of our planet. One of those things is the stunningly beautiful Tahitian 'black' Pearl. Even more precious and endangered, however, is the Tifaifai.  This singularly unique form of 'quiltmaking' has an illusion of difficulty yet only traditionally incorporates two colors.  The Tifaifai have an ancient history in the islands, are imbedded culturally, and there is a significant possibility that the ancient art could be lost forever.


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