Dierdra McElroy

professional quilt artist


The Tifaifai Way

 Tahiti is a French protectorate so this lecture is appropriately opened with an enthusiastic greeting in French as the program chairman is presented with a unique Lei.  During this lecture a thorough, yet entertaining, history of the islands is given in order to give the audience the necessary understanding of the island's culture. Over 30 Tifaifai (pronounced tee-fay-fay) in various stages of production are shared with the listeners. Each design has a purpose and story which is explained and the audience is slowly lured into a virtual tropical paradise!

The traditional rules for designing a Tifaifai are also given as Dierdra encourages quilters to create their own 'picture book' quilts from paradise.  This lecture can be booked as a Power Point presentation with side-by-side comparisons of quilts with the animal/plant that it represents. Dierdra also offers the lecture as its traditional format with over 30 real quilts shown. (extra baggage fees may apply) 

This is an extremely popular lecture and runs a little longer than most programs due to the enthusiasm of the audience. With a 90 minute time frame and can run longer for question and answer periods. Dierdra stays until each and every person has had their 'fill' and wanders away contentedly. This lecture is appropriate for historical societies, museums, and cultural centers, as well as quilt enthusiasts!