Dierdra McElroy

professional quilt artist

About Dierdra

Dierdra McElroy -Quilt Artist

As a young child Dierdra's family moved every year due to her father's career. When she was 9 they moved out of the country to the island paradise of Tahiti where they stayed until she was ready to go to high school. Finally able to settle in and put down roots, Dierdra still feels like Tahiti is home. She is bilingual and developed a passion for Tahitian applique through her mother and Tahitian nanny.

Moving back to the United States at 15 presented Didi with new challenges. Relearning English and American teen-age cultural standards was near traumatizing but she thrust herself into sports and became state ranked in Tennis. Her passion for animals began to flourish as she looked towards a future career. This led her to Texas A&M and their nationally recognized Veterinary Medical School. Her mother Roxanne discovered quilting while her daughter was away at school and shared her new passion, as well as the frustrations that came with it, on holiday vacations.  Dierdra used her scientific knowledge to design new products for her mother after seeing some of the frustrations she was having. This led to products such as the world famous Roxanne Thimble and Roxanne Glue-Baste-It.  Dierdra also earned a BS in Curriculum & Instruction at Texas A&M University. After teaching Junior High for a couple of years, destiny led her back to California where she began helping her mother market the new tools.

20 Years later the Roxanne name is well known by all discerning quilters and Dierdra is known for her methodical testing of products in the industry. She shares her studies and findings in the classroom to help quilters avoid pitfalls, frustrations and save money.  She wrote a best selling book in her mother's name shortly after Roxanne passed away in 1997. The book is titled the same as her world famous hand quilting classes, That Perfect Stitch. The book has been referred to as the hand quilting bible and is frequently the standard text book in quilting classes around the world. That Perfect Stitch second edition was released spring of 2012, in Dierdra's name,  with updated industry changes.

Dierdra has been nominated twice for Teacher of the Year by The Professional Quilter Magazine, she is listed as a featured artist in Who's Who in American Quilting by AQS, is also listed in Who's Who in Executives and Professionals, as well as, Who's Who of Entrepreneurs. She had the privilege of being on Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson twice and The Kaye Wood Show once.

Dierdra's passion for the people and art of Tahiti make her an enthusiastic and enticing instructor. She delights in motivating students to step outside of the box to creative heights and strive for excellent workmanship no matter their style choices.  Didi is internationally recognized as one of the world's greatest hand quilters and her ability to break down that art into manageable steps amazes her students.